Tournament Rules:

  • Game Type: Tournament Draft
  • Map: Summoner’s Rift
  • Team Size: 5
  • Number of teams: 8
  • Double elimination, best of one
  • Requirements: A ranked account (lvl 30, 16+ owned champions, 10+ ranked games played)

How it works:

  • Your account ranking is used to generate balanced teams
  • You will get your team roster ~7 days prior to the event; get some practice with your team!
  • When you arrive - organizers will tell you which station you are at and when you are playing (there are 8 stations at Happy Turbo)
  • Computers are free as long as your team is still in the tournament!
  • Headsets/Microphones are recommended for team communication, or you can just yell!
  • Bring food and water or plan to buy lunch! You need energy to win!

Duo Partners:

  • Purchase a duo ticket with the name of both summoners, alternatively send a message to the admin 'Andrew Klotz' with the duo summoner names
  • Limit of 12 duo spots
  • Diamond+ cannot duo with another Diamond+, you partner has to be plat or lower!

Series Tournaments

Made of many individual single Tournaments:

  • Each tournament has balanced teams
  • Teams are different tournament to tournament in the series
  • You can play in one or all of the tournaments in the series
  • RP prizing for each tournament in the series, same as regular tournaments
  • Cash prizing is based off performance over all the series
  • You do not need to play in all the tournaments to win cash prizing
    • e.g. 1st place in 2 tournaments will give you 2000 series points'; potentially putting you in 1st place for the series compared to playing in all 3, but earning < 2000 series points