• Any violation of the following rules will result in warnings, disqualification and/or removal from the tournament based on the severity of the situation and the decision of the tournament admin
  • Smurfing is a serious offense in Solo/Duo Queue tournaments, and results in a perma-ban of player/summoner
    • Players must play on their highest ranked account
    • Players may not play on a friends account
  • If you will be unable to attend, let an admin know asap! Registering and missing part/all of the event may result in a temporary ban at the admins descretion (it hurts the experience of the rest of your team)
  • No Racism, Spamming, Raging, Trolling, Sexual Harassment, Trash Talking, or Verbal Harassment
  • Players must be physically present 15 minutes before their start time (first match starts at 10:20am) if players are missing/late, the tournament administrator can force a match to start (resulting in a 4v5 or forfeit) if a ringer of equal or lower rank is available, they can play that match (tournament prize goes to the 5 players in the final match) If players are caught cheating, they will be removed from the event
  • If a players account is suspended for the tournamet, they will not be able to play in the tournament and be issued a refund if applicable
  • Taking advantage of bugs or glitches may result in a disqualification of the player or team.
  • If there are more than 12 duo pairs, only the first 12 will be drafted as duo (we can't make balanced teams if everyone is duo!)


  • Players can bring their own equipement, keyboard/mice/headsets. PCs are provided (computer+keyboards+mouse)
  • Anytime a player needs to plug/unplug equipment into the back of a computer, they need to get the tournament administrators attention


  • Each team is allowed up to 10 minutes of pause time
  • A game can only be unpaused after a ready check from ALL of the players in the game or a representative verifying with his whole team and giving the ready check for them.
  • Abuse of the pause feature (excessively pausing and pausing during combat) will not be tolerated. Players will receive one warning if this occurs. Repeatedly pausing the game will be a cause for the organizers of the event to disqualify the pausing team.
  • If there is a disconnecting member before five minutes, the team can ask the tournamnet admin for a remake (with same picks/bans)
  • If a player does not show up, a ringer of the same rank (Bronze, Silver, etc.) can play in their place. If no ringer is available, the team must play a 4v5 or forferit the game
  • Remakes will not be allowed for technical issues - pause until the issue is resolved (there isn't enough time for many remakes, sorry!)

Arriving late

  • Please try to arrive early! These are latest times where matches MUST either be started with available players (enter champ select phase) or forfeited (sorry!):
    • 1st match: 10:45am
    • 2nd match: 12:00pm
  • Exception will be made in case the previous match time overlaps (e.g. 70+ minute game)
  • These times are set to ensure the tournament starts and finishes on time


  • If one of your teammates leaves/does not show, we will try to find a ringer for your team
    • Ringers play for free
    • Ringers must be physically present at the event
    • Ringers must be +/- 1 division of origional player
    • Ringers cannot play on more than 1 team/tournament
  • What happens if origional player returns after a ringer has been found (e.g. player showed up late)
    • If ringer plays 2+ games, they permantly take the origional persons position
    • If ringer plays 1 game, the origional player may return to the team (*subject to admin aproval)
  • Late teammmates and placing ringers
    • 1st round ringers will be placed between 10:30am-10:40am
    • 2nd round ringers will be placed between 11:45am-11:55am
    • All following rounds will be placed asap


  • Refunds are available if a player gives 1+ weeks notice of event starting, so there is adequate time to find a replacement before teams have been generated
  • No refunds available within 1 week of event start date
  • Before teams have been generated, players can request their ticket be transferred to a friend of any rank
  • After teams have been generated, players can request their ticket be transferred to a friend of equal rank+division

*Tournament Administrator has the final say in all decisions*